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Content Migration

This video shares what info to get over to Empathysites so that we can complete your content migration.

What To Send

  1. Header and footer formulas
  2. Migration tables document
  3. Any additional documents (or images)

Header and Footer Formula

In many cases, you'll already have received and filled out your header and footer formulas as we will have shared those with you in our free preparation materials. If not, you'll have another opportunity to download and fill them out in the link we send you for content migration documents.

Just fill these out and include them in the content you send us.

Migration Tables

The migration tables document has three tables that you can use to communicate with us if you need a partial migration (only migrating parts of your current website) or mixed migration (parts of your current website and some new pages too).

  1. Tell us if you want all content migrated
  2. Tell us if you want only a few posts/pages migrated
  3. Tell us if you want all content except a few posts migrated

The migration tables document also has a table for outlining what further content you'll be sending us (if any).

Watch The Video On How To Send Content To Send Your Documents

Once you have your documents together, check out our video and notes on how to send content for ideas on how to get your content over to us.

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