Quick Start Guide

Log Into Your Website

When we launch your site, within your official launch email, you will find your login link. If you’ve lost the email or forgot to bookmark the login link, please send us a request for assistance so that we can send you the link.

Once you click the link, you will be greeted with the login page.

To log into your site, you will need to provide two pieces of information. First, you will want to insert your username or email address and next you’ll want to insert your password.

If you are using a computer that is your personal computer and you’d like your browser to remember your username or email address for the next time you login, you may also click the “Remember Me” box.

Once you have inserted your login information, click “LOG IN” to log into your site.

Map For All Updates You May Wish To Make

  • Making changes to the footer and header happen through the customizer
  • Making changes to the body content happens through the page builder for that specific page

Make Changes To the Header and Footer Areas: Use The Customizer

After you've logged in, you'll be greeted with a backend dashboard. To customize the header and footer areas in your site, hover on Appearance, then click Customize.



This is the Customization panel. Here, you'd be able to change the text, menus, widgets, and other features of your websites header and footer. You will also be able to activate or deactivate some areas (example: hiding social icons all together)

Example Header Update: Customizing the Top Bar of the Header

To start editing the text found at the top-right header area, called the "Top Bar" click Header > Top Bar Layout > scroll down at the bottom and find the layout that contains the text or features you'd like to edit. In the screenshots below, you'll see the text is within "Column 2 Text".

You may start editing. If you see code, like stuff between some <angle brackets> no worries, just edit the text in between. In the screenshot, it's the highlighted text ONLY.

If for some reason, you inadvertently delete some of the code, just cancel out by closing the customizer without publishing. Any changes you make here do not apply immediately until you hit "Publish." Then you may re-activate the customizer and try again.

Example Footer Update: Updating the Footer Contact Address Or Call To Action

To edit the information found in the footer area, like you contact address, phone, or email address, go to the Customization panel > Widgets > Footer Column 1 and from here you may choose to edit either Contact or Footer Address. Click on the arrow pointing down and start updating the fields available.

Make Changes To the Body Content Area: Use The Page Builder

Start by logging in to your website. Visit the page you would like to edit. Then click the PageBuilder link on the top bar.

Once the page builder is activated, you will be able to use the page builder to edit the content, written and images on the page.

Example Body Content Update: How to Edit A Page Using The PageBuilder

Activate the page builder for the page you'd like to edit. Then, locate the area you'd like to edit. In our case, we'd like to edit the text content of "Individual Trauma Therapy" on our websites home page. Hover your mouse to the area, and click on the wrench icon.


Clicking on it will open the text editor and you may now edit the text. When you are done, push SAVE.

After you save, your changes are still not published to the internet. From there, to publish your changes, head over to the top right corner of the page and click DONE, then PUBLISH.

IMPORTANT: Before you close the page or exit your browser, the PageBuilder must be turned ON. You'll know it's on by the green dot right next to it.

2 Ways To Get More Help

1. Help Center

To get further help, you may also browse or search our Help Center

2. Your Unlimited Ongoing Assistance

And of course you may get our assistance in completing updates on your site.

Empathysites includes implementing changes for you so making your own updates is completely optional. To get assistance today, fill out a request for assistance.