What Content To Send

Website content is ultimately up to you. Empathysites is not a content consultancy but we love being able to provide some free guidance on what to send.

You don’t need to have 80 pages prepared, usually 3 or 4 pages and 3 or 4 images is enough to start.

Because Empathysites includes ongoing assistance, we can launch with the content you give us and we’ll be there for you to help grow your site over time.

Use the below list as a guide.

Structure and Persistent Areas

Download the header formula and footer formula now.

  • *Header Document (Must include a numbered list outlining the items you would like to have in your website’s menu)
  • *Footer Document

*Required items - required items are marked with a red star. If you do not include these documents, your website content will be considered incomplete.

Written Content

  • Basic Pages
    • Home
    • About
    • Services Pages (Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Workshops…)
    • Specializations Pages (Anxiety, Depression, Trauma…)
    • Contact Page
  • Further Pages
    • FAQ
    • Getting Started
    • Schedule Now
    • Directions
    • Locations
    • Client Forms
  • Blog Posts


  • Images of yourself
  • Images of your office
  • Images of benefits
    (Suggested: 1 image that demonstrates the benefit of your service per page besides the about page and the contact page which could feature images of you and your office)
  • Images for blog posts
    (Suggested: 1 image per blog post)

Important: make sure you have a license to use the images you are using.

Graphic Files And/Or Inspiration

  • Logo file
  • Branding or Style Guides
  • Document with links to sites that inspire you
  • Notes on any design ideas for your site that you may have

Email List Subscribe Form Information

Place the following into a document:

  • Subscribe Form Copy (what you want written on your optin forms)
  • A list of every location you would like the form to be placed on your site
  • Note which email marketing software you are using. Examples include Mailchimp, Mailerlite, AWeber, Convertkit.

EHR Integration

  • Link to your client portal
  • Notes on where to add the link on your site
  • And/or code snippets on any embeddable features (Ex: Simple Practice provides a booking widget).


  • PDF Client Forms (we can create a forms page with downloadables if you desire)


  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy

Hushmail Secure Form

  • If you are or will be using Hushmail for your premium email, we recommend using our Hushmail secure form feature. If you'd like to get one installed on your site, please sign into your Hushmail control panel and look for the HTML code that you’ll need to update your website with to install a form. Please include the HTML code in a document in the website content you send to us (perhaps the contact page!)